Studio Creatives Get into Print

By February 1, 2019Uncategorized

Talk about making an impression. Or, actually, several impressions. And each one a different color. It’s called Japanese Woodcut Printmaking, and it’s been around for 1,200 years. Recently, however, the Statesman Studio creative team (minus Avi, who was on vacationing in Japan, ironically), took a Saturday field trip to the workshop of a local artistic legend, Daryl Howard, to see how she creates using this ancient and beautiful art form. Howard, a University of Texas graduate student alumna, presented a packed house with a brief historical lecture and a bit about her past as an apprentice in Tokyo, Japan under Master Hodaka Yoshida. In addition to learning about the history of her printmaking, Howard was hands-on in showing attendees how to reproduce one of her showcase pieces. Adeptly preparing the blocks, paint, and lining up each pass of the print by hand before the ink press applied color to the woodblocks, it was inspiring to witness, and beautiful to behold. Now when a Studio clients asks for a Japanese Woodcut Print, we’re ready.

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